1. New Year Resolutions – It is a human being psychology to set resolutions for the upcoming year. It never fails that the first week of January brings calls from buyers wanting to start the search of their dream house. Being listed when these buyers are full of hope and joy buying a home is better than them finding your home after months of searching, frustration and thought of giving up.
  2. Serious Buyers – Only those who are willing to leave their homes for a freezing air and slippery roads, must be really serious about buying a new home. Very few will be wondering in the neighbourhood on a – 20 weather day checking out open houses.
  3. Low Inventory – Higher Price, Faster Sale. Everyone wants to list in the spring and summer. The common myth of poor sales in winter keeps your neighbours from putting their house for sale. The lack of inventory and  less competition means a higher price and quicker market time.
  4. Faster Closings – Typically, transaction vendors (agents, title companies, appraisers, inspectors and lenders) aren’t as busy during the winter months, so you’ll receive faster approvals and responses and in turn, a quick closing.
  5. Real Estate is Year Round – People are always moving, it doesn’t stop just because it is cold outside. January and February are the busiest months for job relocation and transfers and most relocation clients have a fast timetable in which to find a new home. We have a spike in web traffic from people trying to escape the cold, they are looking at properties online in the warmth of their own homes to see what is out there—the home that gets them off the couch and out to a viewing might as well be yours!

If you’re thinking about selling and want to find out what your home is worth or want to discuss the pros and cons of listing your home in the winter, get in touch. Call, text or email us now. The Nikolay and Tatiana Team  647-833-3287